This march, stand with women and girls globally by taking on the walk for water challenge.

Around the world, women and girls are being held back by having to walk 5km or more for water every day. Taking away their hopes for the future as they miss out on paid work or school. 

Show solidarity and walk the same distance to help change this. Walk 155km over the month or 5km every day – and raise funds - to make sure no woman or girl is held back by a lack of clean water.

Sign up today, raise £5, and receive a pair of blue laces

Step 1

Sign up on your own, with a team, or your school.

Step 2

Share your fundraising page with your friends and family.

Step 3

Aim to walk 155Km over the month or 5Km every day. Track your distance via Strava app or manually on your page.

Walk for women like Shama

Walk for women like Shama, who was forced to live in a roadside shelter in the district of Badin, Pakistan, following the unprecedented floods. Shama and her family had no access to clean water due to the flooding which destroyed their home. Shama walked every day to collect drinking water, for everything else – washing up, bathing and laundry - dirty floodwater was their only option.

Walk for girls like Novia and Sandra

Walk for girls like Sandra, 14, and Novia, 13, who live with their parents in the remote village of Maumeta Liquiçá, Timor-Leste. In the dry season, every morning they wake up at 3am to start the three-hour round trip along steep mountain paths to fetch water from the river. Carrying two full jerrycans each is exhausting, and, despite rising before dawn, they’re late to school most days.