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Walk for Water

Challenge yourself to walk 4km, 8km or 12km a day. Walk where you can, when you can, and raise funds to help make clean water normal for everyone, everywhere.

Walk for the millions of women and children who walk distances like this every day to get the water they need to survive.

All distances reflect a walk that women and girls around the world have to take each day to reach water. Women and girls like Tiyamike, Majory and Felisberta.

When you Walk for Water, you’re helping to give Tiyamike, Majory, Felisberta and others across the world the power to change their own lives, forever.

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Three simple steps

Taking part in walk for water is simple

  1. 1 - Choose your goals
    Sign up and set your targets. Choose your distance and fundraising goals. We recommend aiming for £150 as a starting point.

  2. 2 - Share
    Share your fundraising page with your friends and family so they can sponsor you to reach your target and track your progress.

  3. 3 - Walk for Water
    From 1 March, walk for water every day for a month – it’s flexible where and when you want to walk. Track your miles on Strava or through our manual tracking on your fundraising page.

Tiyamike, 14, carries a bucket on her head, Malawi.

Walk 4km a day for children like Tiyamike

The distance to the water source is very long. I wish we could have clean water in our community where I no longer have to wake very early simply to collect dirty water.

Walk for children like Tiyamike, 14 years old. She lives in a remote village in Malawi. She has to walk to collect water every morning, which means she is often late for school. Tiyamike walks around 4km a day for water.

Majory, 37, carries a bucket on her head, Zambia.

Walk 8km a day for mothers like Majory

I descend the hill and walk to the water source. It takes me 40 minutes to draw water. The journey is harder when returning home uphill while carrying a bucket full of water. Clean water is life and I'm sure our lives will be better with it.

Walk for women like Majory, 37, a mother of three. She lives in a mountainous village in the Monze District, Zambia. For Majory, access to clean water is a challenge. She does the strenuous uphill trip around six times in a day to make sure her family has enough to use.

Felisberta, 57, carries two jerry cans on her back, Timor Leste.

Walk 12km a day for women like Felisberta

My daughter and I go to the water source every day to collect water. I get tired walking with the jerry cans. I feel sad because of the daily routine that I have to go through to have water.

Walk for women like Felisberta. Felisberta, 57, is a grandmother. She lives in a remote village in Timor Leste. Felisberta’s community has a long uphill walk mostly along a rocky dried-up river bed, which is challenging underfoot. It’s a 4.8km round trip just to get water.

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