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Walk for Water

Challenge yourself to walk 4km, 8km or 12km a day. Walk where you can, when you can, and raise funds to help make clean water normal for everyone, everywhere.

Walk for the millions of women and children who walk distances like this every day to get the water they need to survive.

All distances reflect a walk that women and girls around the world have to take each day to reach water. Women and girls like Karimatu, Khushnaha and Rekha.

When you Walk for Water, you’re helping to give Karimatu, Khushnaha, Rekha and others across the world the power to change their own lives, forever.

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Three simple steps

Taking part in Walk for Water is simple

  1. 1 - Choose your goals
    Sign up
    and set your targets. Choose your distance and fundraising goals. We recommend aiming for £150 as a starting point.

  2. 2 - Share
    Share your fundraising page with your friends and family so they can sponsor you to reach your target and track your progress.

  3. 3 - Walk for Water
    From 1 March, walk for water every day for a month – it’s flexible where and when you want to walk. Track your miles on Strava or through our manual tracking on your fundraising page.

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Karimatu carries a bucket of water on her head, Nigeria.

Walk 4km a day for children like Karimatu

Getting a steady water supply will make me happy and I will do other chores to help my family if there is water readily available in our house.

Walk for girls like Karimatu, 17 years old. Walk for girls like Karimatu, 17 years old. She lives in a remote village in Nigeria and is the sixth of 12 children in her family. She has to walk to collect water every morning, taking three trips to the stream, which means she is often late for school.

Khushnahar and her son carry two water cans, Bangladesh.

Walk 8km a day for women like Khushnahar

I walk down a rocky path around five times in a day to collect water from the well, to make sure my family has enough water to use.

Walk for women like Khushnahar, a mother. She lives in a hilly area near the border of Bangladesh and India. For Khushnahar, access to clean water is a challenge due to the river drying out. Due to the number of walks each day to get water, women in her community often suffer from severe pain in their backs, hands and muscles.

Rekha carrying a water container on her back, Nepal.

Walk 12km a day for girls like Rekha

I feel very sad that we don’t have sufficient water. If I had water near my home, I could attend school on time and get more time to study. We could grow green vegetables in the garden.

Walk for girls like Rekha, 17. She started collecting water when she was 14 due to earthquake drying up the water source nearby. Rekha lives in a remote village in Nepal and walks thousands of steps a day to fetch water. Rekha’s journey to reach water is along a steep path and climbing the hill with heavy a jerry can and water bottles is very hard for her.

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